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Penn Badgley Tips Hat to Laura Ingraham’s ‘You’s on First’ Routine: ‘Actually Made Me LOL’

Is it a bit?

We were all utterly delighted by Laura Ingraham’s oblivious “Who’s on first”-like misunderstanding of Raymond Arroyo describing the Netflix series “You” to her. But it’s even more of a treat that an actual star of the show weighed in – and got some LOLs out of it.

If for some reason you missed it, Fox News firebrand Ingraham had Arroyo on her show earlier this week to discuss the success of Paramount’s “Yellowstone,” a show that she claims is outside of the “woke” bubble (or something). Arroyo, seemingly attempting to agree with her, brought up the Netflix series “You,” but she took it to mean that he was referring to her, Laura Ingraham. It went on for a full minute, with Ingraham getting increasingly frustrated, and made for some of the most surreal, profoundly stupid television we’ve seen recently.

Naturally, the clip from Ingraham’s show went viral this week. And that’s where Penn Badgley, one of the stars of Netflix’s dark drama “You,” comes in.

Badgley seems to think that it was all a set-up. “Definitely a bit. His delivery is great tho,” the star tweeted. He later added: “It’s gotta be a bit. Dude is committed, he actually made me lol, but watch how he waits for her to cut him off.”

Glad that Badgley is so sure. And that he got some appropriate LOLs out of the insane miscommunication (or possible comedy bit). The third season of “You” just hit the streamer back in October and was picked up for a fourth season.

See Badgley’s tweet below.