‘Percy Jackson’ EPs Rick and Becky Riordan Pinpoint the Exact Moment They Knew Disney+ TV Adaptation Got It Right | Video

Becky Riordan laughs as she tells TheWrap about seeing her husband’s face in that moment

The last time “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” was adapted for the screen, author Rick Riordan was not involved at all. This time, he was involved every step of the way, along with his wife, Becky Riordan — and yes, the couple can pinpoint the exact moment they realized that the Disney+ adaptation was exactly what they wanted it to be.

“Percy Jackson and the Olympians,” premiering on Disney+ on December 20, follows the story of Percy (Walker Scobell), Annabeth Chase (Leah Sava Jeffries) and Grover Underwood (Aryan Simhadri) as they set out on a quest to find Zeus’ master lightning bolt. It’s been stolen, and the gods have presumed Percy guilty of the crime, sending him on the dangerous path to retrieve it.

The new series adheres strictly to the books, from the episode titles to the age of the heroes, to the dialogue itself. But there’s one thing above all else that made Rick and Becky Riordan know the show had gotten things right.

“Being on the set of Camp Half-Blood, I think,” Becky Riordan told TheWrap. “Dan [Hennah], and all the crew, they completely nailed it. Our art director is fabulous. He was on ‘Lord of the Rings, the movies, and he didn’t want it to be ‘Lord of the Rings.’ And he heard us!”

She continued, “The crew dived in deep. So, walking into the Hermes cabin — and you won’t see all the details on the screen. But Rick and I know that they’re there. I have pictures. It was it was really emotional.”

Rick readily agreed, though he singled out another cabin — a pretty important one.

“Yeah, seeing it physically rendered as a place and being able to walk into it,” he said. “Poseidon’s cabin. That, I think, was the most effective thing for me, the most impactful.”

The couple admitted that heading into the TV adaptation, they definitely were hesitant, and their sons were too. But, they’re confident about what fans are going to see.

You can watch TheWrap’s full interview with Rick and Becky Riordan in the video above.

“Percy Jackson and the Olympians” premieres on Disney+ on December 20.


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