Pete Rose Gets a Reality Show

Baseball great joins former home of "Jon and Kate Plus 8"

Last Updated: July 18, 2012 @ 7:22 AM

Pete Rose can't join baseball's Hall of Fame, but he is joining such esteemed company as Jon and Kate Gosselin, the "Sister Wives," and "Cake Boss": He and his fiancée are getting their own TLC reality show.

Getty ImagesIt will be, unfortunately, one of those relationship shows built around a ginned up conflict: Rose's ladyfriend, Kiana Kim, lives in Los Angeles with her children, while the 71-year-old Rose, banned from baseball for gambling, lives and works in Las Vegas. (Because where else?)

You might think Charlie Hustle would have the stamina to fly from Los Angeles to Vegas every morning, but that wouldn't make for a very exciting show, would it?

Amy Winter, general manager of TLC, says that show will "open the door into a very modern family dynamic of trying to blend families when your kids are no longer children, and when your private life is in the public spotlight." Never mind that Rose's private life was out of the public spotlight until he decided to reclaim it with a reality show.

The show will also focus on whether Rose will appeal to end his permanent ineligibility from baseball, which also makes him ineligible for the Hall of Fame. Rose had admitted to betting on the team he played for and managed, the Cincinnati Reds, which for some reason isn't allowed. (Isn't betting on your own team just confidence?)

Hey, seriously: This shouldn't be Pete Rose's legacy. Just let the guy in the Hall of Fame already.