‘Justice League’ Do-Over? Petition for a Zack Snyder Cut Hits 100,000 Signatures

“To the dismay of many, the film released by WB was NOT the one fans were expecting,” Change.org petition says

justice league zack snyder original vision deleted scene
Warner Bros

Fans of “Justice League” are wishing they had a version of the film based on credited director Zack Snyder’s vision, and a Change.org petition looking to fund such a cut of the film has now garnered 105,000 signatures.

The petition is the work of a fan who was unhappy with Warner Bros.’ theatrical release of the DC Films sequel, for which Joss Whedon oversaw reshoots and postproduction after Snyder stepped out last spring following the death of his daughter.

“To the dismay of many, the film released by WB was NOT the one fans were expecting,” the petition says, adding that the released version was met with “the alienation of its original fan base.”

The petition requests “that Warner Bros. restores the removed scenes and original vision that Zack had for the film before his departure. Much like Richard Donner’s ‘Superman II’ and Zack Snyder ‘Batman v Superman,’ it is the responsibility of WB to right their wrongs and release the uncompromised vision of their filmmakers. We feel this is a simple matter of integrity.”

Fans were disappointed that the film’s running time clocked in under two hours, cutting plotlines they had been expecting (some of which were previewed in early trailers).

The petition also cited the score by Danny Elfman, who took over from composer Junkie XL and incorporated classic Batman and Superman themes into the “Justice League” score instead of Hans Zimmer themes used in “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman.”

The film wasn’t well-received by critics, either.

To be clear, there isn’t currently an alternate version of the film sitting in some Warner Bros. room waiting to be released; Snyder would have to oversee any needed reshoots and re-score the movie for fans to get what they want. Hence, the petition.

While we don’t know what Snyder’s vision was exactly, we have some ideas. Head over here to see if you agree.