Phew – Monica Lewinsky Finally Weighs in on Hollywood Nude Photo Leak

“I do know a little something about how the Internet can violate one’s privacy,” she writes in Vanity Fair

An indisputable expert in the trials and tribulations of having your privacy invaded, Monica Lewinsky is speaking out about the photo hacking scandal that struck several Hollywood  stars earlier this month, including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton.

“I felt compassion for these young women,” Lewinsky writes in an essay for Vanity Fair. “After all, I do know a little something about how the Internet can violate one’s privacy.”

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Lewinsky also admits to having a nude photo scare of her own, when she was tipped that several revealing photos of her had been stolen, but the pictures in question turned out to not be her.

“I was both relieved and shocked to see that the pictures purporting to be me, were not me,” she said.

The 41-year-old was also famously secretly audiotaped in 1998 by her former friend, Linda Tripp, who released the tapes to media outlets during the Bill Clinton sex scandal.

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Now Lewinsky is asking if we as a society have gone too far in our publication and publicizing of the private lives of famous people.

“Like so many others,” Lewinsky states, “I feel outrage — as a fellow victim, as a civilized individual, and as a woman — when other women are so easily and publically violated. And I have found myself wondering: Have we become a world of pathetic voyeurs? Are we turning into scruffy old men in dirty raincoats slouched in the back row at the Gotham City theater?”

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While she makes it clear that the freedom of information is sacred to her, Lewinsky does call for stricter online regulations.

“We need to make sure we expand global cooperation by getting more nations to sign the cybercrime treaty and extradition treaties so these criminals can be brought to justice. More countries have to take a stand and recognize that this is something really pernicious.”