Pierce Brosnan Reunites with ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Kids 25 Years Later (Photo)

Lisa Jakub, Mara Wilson and Matthew Lawrence meet up with their “stepdad” Stu

Mrs Doubtfire
Twentieth Century Fox

Hello! Twenty-five years since the release of the family favorite comedy “Mrs. Doubtfire,” Pierce Brosnan has reunited with the child stars from the film. Man, they grow up so fast.

Lisa Jakub shared this photo on Twitter of Brosnan, herself, Mara Wilson and Matthew Lawrence getting together to meet up with their honorary “stepdad.”

“So this just happened,” Jakub captioned the photo.

Jakub also shared a video to Instagram in which Brosnan is holding the camera phone on an old photo of himself with the kids at the “Mrs. Doubtfire” premiere back in 1993, only to pan up and get a glimpse at all three now all grown up.

“Love you, love you all so much. So good to be a part of your lives,” Brosnan says in the video. “I want to get into the picture as well.”


Of course sadly, the film’s star Robin Williams could not be there, as he passed away in 2014. Sally Field was also not in attendance.

“Mrs. Doubtfire,” directed by Chris Columbus, is about a father (Williams) separated from his wife (Field) who dons a nanny disguise in order to remain close to his children. In the comedy, Brosnan plays Stu, a man who starts a relationship with Field’s character while she and Williams are separated.