Piers Morgan Does Twitter Battle With Richard Marx (Yes, the Singer) Over Trump Interview

British media personality calls “Hold On to the Nights” singer a “ludicrous little twerp”

Hold on to the gripes, Piers Morgan.

British media personality Morgan found himself in a Twitter tussle with a perhaps unexpected foe — “Hold On to the Nights” singer Richard Marx — on Friday, after Marx singer called Morgan out for being “cowardly” during his interview with President Donald Trump this week.

Marx kicked things off with a reaction to a segment from the sit-down in which Morgan asked Trump about retweeting anti-Muslim videos posted by right-wing group Britain First.

“So the sitting POTUS admits he retweeted a far-right extremist group despite knowing ‘nothing about them’; begrudgingly apologizes; and @piersmorgan is too cowardly to call out the recklessness of his actions,” Marx wrote. “Modern ‘journalism’ in action.”

Morgan responded by calling Marx a “ludicrous little twerp.”

“I got him to apologize. Pipe down you ludicrous little twerp,” Morgan wrote.

To which Marx, who apparently isn’t one to back down from a social-media challenge, shot back, “Anyone with a single working brain cell knows you have the integrity of a used car salesman. And you keep proving it while abusing your opportunities, you pathetic creep.”

After which, it seems, it dawned on Morgan who he was trading jabs with.

“Wait a minute, are you THE Richard Marx – the guy who hasn’t had a hit this millennium?” Morgan wrote. “Jeez, no wonder you’re so bitter!”

Ouch — though, in truth, the Keith Urban track “Long Hot Summer,” which Marx co-wrote with the singer, topped Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart in 2011. So maybe Trump isn’t the only one who owes an apology.

While Morgan mulls that over, see how the beef unfolded in the tweets below.