Piers Morgan Challenges Israeli Ambassador on Gaza Conditions: ‘You Can’t Deny There’s a Humanitarian Crisis’ (Video)

Tzipi Hotovely continued to vigorously defend Israel’s military response to the “Uncensored” host

Piers Morgan hosted Israel Ambassador for the U.K. Tzipi Hotovely on Wednesday for an interview that was almost entirely sympathetic – until the point where the Talk TV host pressed her on her earlier denial of a “humanitarian crisis” unfolding in Gaza.

Hotovely had appeared earlier this week on Sky News, and flatly refused to use that terminology to describe the current conditions in the war-torn territory whose leaders orchestrated a vicious and indiscriminate attack on the citizens of southern Israel last weekend.

“What’s the view on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza?” the Sky News host asked Hotovely (see X video below).

“There is no humanitarian crisis,” she responded, and went on to explain that Israel is giving Gaza citizens an opportunity to flee to safety, and is “targeting military targets.”

Later on in the exchange, when the Sky News host said the network “has been showing images” of humanitarian crises in Gaza, Hotovely became emotional, saying: “blame Hamas. Ask Hamas. … what is happening, there is a war in Gaza.”

On “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” Hotovely largely found accordance with the British host – until he brought up the topic again.

“I heard you this morning saying there’s no humanitarian crisis here – by any definition of a humanitarian crisis, that is happening … I don’t think you can deny there’s a humanitarian crisis,” he said, as Hotovely repeatedly said “Let me explain” over him.

“I’m a woman. I’m a mother,” she continued. “I have a sympathy to any innocent child, any innocent person in the world. We don’t want to harm any innocent people, we want to target the militants.”

In a back-and-forth about food and water supplies in Gaza, she explained that Hamas was entirely responsible for repurposing the machinery needed to pump water out of aquifers, suggesting that many public resources are “being abused.”

“Just think how irrational it is that the international community, knowing that Hamas started this war, is blaming Israel for what it didn’t start.”

“I’m not blaming Israel, no no,” Morgan said. “All I’m saying is I understand the scale of what happened last weekend means that there must be an unprecedented response.”

From there, the conversation moved to more neutral ground again. Watch the entire exchange in the video above.


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