Pitbull Explains How He Became ‘Mr. Worldwide’ (Video)

The international recording artist was featured on “CNN Spotlight”

Last Updated: July 16, 2014 @ 4:33 PM

How does one become “Mr. Worldwide”?

CNN put the “Spotlight” on international recording artist Pitbull to figure it out. And according to the hitmaker, who rose from the streets of Miami to become one of biggest global acts in popular music, it’s all about working with others.

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“Collaborating to me is so key. Why? Because you’re bringing everybody’s people together, and you’re doing what music is supposed to do — break down barriers [and] beliefs,” Pitbull said in an interview (above) with CNN’s Nischelle Turner. “That’s what makes this powerful. So the more people I get to collaborate with, the more people I get to touch.”

One might assume it’s Pitbull’s mix of English and Spanish language that makes his music so appealing to diverse audiences, but he credits another factor.

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“When it’s organic, natural and fun, people — whether they understand the language or not — it’s all about the way you deliver it.”