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‘Please Like Me’ Star Explains How to Shower With a Baby on TV

TCA 2014: ”Putting a baby in nude underwear is sort of creepy, right?“

“Please Like Me” star Josh Thomas has broken one of television’s last taboos: Showering with babies.

In a Television Critics Association panel for his Pivot series, he said a scene in which he showers with a baby involved lots of logistical and legal hurdles.

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“It was really difficult, because there’s a potload of community services there, and laws about what you can do with babies,” Thomas, an Australian comedian, informed the crowd. “We had to have the shower cleaned, because the house we filmed in wasn’t clean enough to have a baby in. We had to get permission from the mum to shower with the baby.”

There was also an odd wardrobe requirement.

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“We had to put the baby in, like, nude underwear … putting a baby in nude underwear is sort of creepy, right?” Thomas asked.

Thomas went on to explain the origin of the scene, during which his character — also named Josh — consults the internet to determine whether exposing an infant to a shower is kosher.

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“I just thought, if I was stuck with a baby and the baby shat its pants, what would I do? Because I don’t want to touch it,” he said.

“I Googled, so I could make sure it was right for the script. And then I thought, ‘Oh, this is more or less the plot. Isn’t it?'” Thomas recalled. “So Josh Googles, ‘Can you shower with a baby?’ And Google says yes. And we did it.”

It’s not the weirdest thing anyone has Googled.

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