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‘Happyland’ Raises Lots of Incest Questions

TCA 2014: MTV panel collapses into questions about a kiss between two possible siblings

Apparently there’s a reason “Game of Thrones” is so popular with TV critics: the incest. A Television Critics Association panel on MTV’s new series “Happyland” Friday turned into a barrage of questions about a kiss between two possible siblings.

The panelists, sensing that the kiss might get a lot of attention, didn’t exactly discourage the questions. At one point one of the shows stars said incest was great. She was kidding.

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“The show is incredibly relateable,” said creator Ben Epstein. “I don’t think that any audience who’s going to watch it is going to see the show and say, ‘Oh, this is a show about incest.’ It’s not. It’s a very small aspect of the show that does serve for some comedic incentive.”

He also joked that the show’s original title was, “Hot for Sister.”

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Here’s what happens. A teenage girl (Bianca Santos) working at an amusement park falls for a boy. Their parents warn them to stay away from each other. They kiss. And then the girl learns that her mother had a relationship with his father, and that they may be brothers and sisters.

Except… maybe they aren’t. After a dozen or so questions about incest, the “Happyland” team said that the teens may learn they aren’t related after all.

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The TCA panel that followed the one for “Happyland” served as kind of a palate cleanser: “Virgin Territory” is about young people who choose not to have sex. With anyone.