‘Pokemon’ Designer Eric Medalle Dies at 42

Creative design director had worked for the Pokemon Company since 2003

eric medalle pokemon

Eric Medalle, 42, creative design director for the Pokemon Company, was killed in Seattle on Sunday when heavy winds caused a tree to fall on his car.

One of his two daughters, a toddler, was also in the car but suffered only minor injuries and was pulled from the vehicle by a bystander.

Medalle had worked at the Pokemon Company for more than a decade as an artist and graphic designer. He contributed to a number of “Pokemon” video game releases, per Pokemon wiki Bulbapedia, including “Pokemon Black and White,” “SoulSilver and HeartGold,” “X and Y” and “Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.”

Medalle also contributed art and logo designs to card packs for the “Pokemon” collectible card game.

The accident occurred in the 300-acre Seward Park. The City closed the park while workers cleared the many trees downed by the severe windstorm, an effort that lasted until Monday afternoon, per King 5 News.

Medalle is survived by his two daughters and his wife.