‘Police Academy’ Cast Reunite for Syfy Monster Movie ‘Lavantula’

Steve Guttenberg is joined by some “Academy” alum for Syfy’s newest monster mash-up


From the network that brought us “Sharknado” comes the equally ludicrous and equally self-explanatory “Lavalantula,” the newest monster movie to air on Syfy.

A band of oversized, fire-breathing tarantulas will wreak havoc over Los Angeles and only the reunited cast of “Police Academy” can stop them. Steve Guttenberg stars as a washed up 90s action hero, and he’s joined by Leslie Easterbrook and Michael Winslow.

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Lavalantulas — as the title suggests — are giant, lava-spewing tarantulas who rise out of the depths of the Santa Monica volcanoes, which are apparently so dormant nobody ever knew they existed.

Currently filming in Los Angeles, “Lavalantula” also co-stars Nia Peeples and Ralph Garman, who’s already survived Syfy’s “Sharktopus,” a predecessor to the “Sharknado” phenomenon.

“Lavalantula” will air in summer 2015 on Syfy.