Politico Savaged for ‘Erroneously’ Putting Justice Sonia Sotomayor at DC Dinner After Court Argument Over COVID Mandates

A story in Politico’s Playbook mistook Chuck Schumer’s wife for Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor

Sonia Sotomayor Supreme Court

Politico’s Playbook newsletter issued three versions of a correction retracting a story that falsely claimed Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor dined out in Washington D.C. with Democratic lawmakers Friday night.

As detailed in the correction (below), a photo sent in by a tipster misidentified Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s wife, Iris Weinshall, for Justice Sotomayor at the D.C. restaurant Le Diplomate. Earlier Friday, Justice Sotomayor participated remotely from her chambers for oral arguments about COVID-19 protocols; Justice Neil Gorsuch remained unmasked during the session.

Here’s the brief as it currently stands on the Politico website:

SPOTTED: Speaker NANCY PELOSI, Senate Majority Leader CHUCK SCHUMER and wife, IRIS WEINSHALL, Sens. AMY KLOBUCHAR (D-Minn.) and DICK DURBIN (D-Ill.) dining together at Le Diplomate on Friday night. Pic

The item is linked to a photo of those mentioned above, sitting around a table.

“Our tipster got it wrong, but we should have double-checked,” reads Politico’s correction, which can be read in its entirety below.

Politico Sotomayor retraction

However, the “deep regrets” did not keep Politico-watchers from blasting the site for the error. Here’s a sampling:

However, at least one responder was able to give the error a positive spin: