Polson-Crowe ‘Tenderness’ Buried in 1-Screen Release

Lionsgate will open movie Friday at Manhattan’s Quad Theater

John Polson directed "Hide and Seek" and "Swimfan." Russell Crowe is, well, Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe. 

So why is their latest film, "Tenderness," getting released on exactly one screen on Friday? 

The movie is adapted from Robert Cormier’s novel about a teenage girl (newcomer Sophie Traub) who takes off on a road trip with a psychotic young man (Jon Foster) who killed his parents and girlfriend on a medication binge. Crowe, as the cop who put the boy away, fears the girl will become the kid’s next victim, so he follows them.

Also in the cast: Alexis Dziena, late of "Entourage"; "Southland’s" Arija Bareikis; and Oscar nominee Laura Dern.

Lionsgate is opening the movie at Manhattan’s Quad Cinema for a week, and Movieline says a studio rep confirmed no wider release is planned.

Here’s the trailer: