Disney-Marvel’s ‘Big Hero 6’ Teaser for a Teaser and Poster Revealed (Video)

The full teaser will be released on May 22

Disney and Marvel released a teaser for the official teaser and a new poster for upcoming “Big Hero 6” Wednesday, giving a tantalizing glimpse of the newest animated film.

“Big Hero 6,” based off the Marvel Comics series of the same name, takes place in futuristic San Fransokyo and follows the adventures of brilliant robot builder Hiro Hamada, who finds out about a nefarious plan to destroy his city. Along with his closest robotic companion, Baymax, Hiro joins the ranks of a ragtag team of inexperienced crime fighters to save the city.

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The full teaser will be released Thursday morning, but Disney decided to whet fans’ palettes early with the the above truncated teaser.

The voice cast has been kept under wraps during production, but confirmed names include T.J. Miller, Jamie Chung and Maya Rudolph.

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Disney also released the new poster for “Big Hero 6,” which showcases a refreshingly minimalist design: