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Check Out Postdates, the New App for Getting Your Stuff Back From Your Ex (Video)

It’s like Postmates but for avoiding post-split awkwardness – and yes, apparently it’s real

If you’ve ever wished there was a service for getting your stuff back from an ex after a break-up – hey, dreams come true. It’s called Postdates and it’s here to save you from post-split awkwardness.

Described as an “operational parody of Postmates,” the service appears to be up and running, though according to its site, it’s only available for those in New York City and Los Angeles, and only for a limited time. But whereas Postmates can only pick up and deliver your food to you, Postdates also allows you to send things.

Using a phone number to create an account, users can provide details on the type of relationship they were involved in — from “Friendzoned” to “Went back to your ex” to “Seriously dated” and more — and list the items they’d like to get back (or send back, if the ex in question was the one leaving things behind). Then Postdates handles the rest.


“Depending on the situation, we’ll reach out to your ex (or whoever) to see if they either A) have your items and are willing to let us come pick them up or B) are willing to accept the delivery for the items that you’re returning to them. If yes, then we’ll proceed with the delivery!” the official site declares.

Here’s what happens when you put in your phone number (we tried it):

“Postdates is convenient and easy to use.

  1. Choose the type of relationship you are no longer involved in (e.g. Hooked Up, Casually Dated).
  2. Add the items (with descriptions, if possible) that you’re requesting/sending back.
  3. Enter your address.
  4. Enter your ex’s first name and cellphone number (we have to text them — no landlines!)
  5. Confirm your Postdate!
  6. We’ll send a message to your ex (or whoever you’ve sent the request to) asking them to accept the order and complete a few questions.
  7. If they accept, you’ll be asked to complete the order by processing your payment information. Please tip your courier, as you will have to contact support to add a tip after the order is complete.
  8. If you’re sending back items, please place them in a bag slightly before your scheduled pickup time. Any kind of bag will work. We’ll text you when we’re on the way.
  9. If you’re expecting items back, we’ll send you a text when they’re on their way back to you.
  10. You’re finished!”

The service was created by Ani Acopian, Suzy Shinn and Brian Wagner, who decided to do this “because no one else did,” they said. TheWrap has reached out for further comment.

And if you’re on the receiving end of a Postdates text? Well, don’t take it personally — because the message isn’t actually personalized. Per Postdates, the text alert for a delivery or request for pick-up is automatically generated.

Check out a promo vid for Postdates up top.