‘Power Rangers’ Movie: First Look at New Suits (Photo)

Big-budget movie version of the old kiddie series is looking at a March 24, 2017 release date

"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers"
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Lionsgate has released the first look at the new-and-improved “Power Rangers” suits.

The image, first published by Entertainment Weekly on Thursday, shows the five rangers — singer Becky G as Yellow Ranger Trini, Ludi Lin as Black Ranger Zack, Dacre Montgomery as Red Ranger Jason, Naomi Scott as Pink Ranger Kimberly, and RJ Cyler as Blue Ranger Billy — in colored armor that looks like it might actually protect them, as opposed to the spandex the Rangers debuted with in the ’90s.

“These suits needed to feel like they were catalyzed by these kids and their energy, their spirit,” director Dean Israelite told EW.

And the big-budget adaptation’s production designer, Andrew Menzies, elaborated on how the spandex-free costumes crystallize on the characters’ bodies.

“It’s tricky finding a new language for a superhero costume,” he said. “Ours is an alien costume that grows on them, that’s not man-made. You can’t win everyone over, but we are trying to appeal to a more mature audience and gain new fans.”

Last month, Lionsgate unveiled Elizabeth Banks’ Rita Repulsa costume, which also didn’t look much look like the old version.

“Power Rangers” will hit theaters on May 25, 2017.

See the image below.

Power Rangers Costumes