‘Power Rangers’ Looks an Awful Lot Like ‘Chronicle,’ Says ‘Chronicle’ Writer Max Landis

Screenwriter behind 2012 found-footage superhero movie also wrote early draft of Lionsgate’s big-screen reboot of popular ’90s TV series “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”

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“Power Rangers” is basically “Chronicle 2.0,” according to screenwriter Max Landis.

Landis, who wrote both “Chronicle” and an early draft of the the new “Power Rangers” movie, took to Twitter over the weekend to critique the first teaser for the upcoming film.

When a fan pointed out the similarities between the two films, Landis replied, “Yeah, it appears they hired the writer of ‘Chronicle’ and he wrote a ‘Power Rangers’ movie, so they fired him and made ‘Chronicle’ instead.”

“I wrote a silly, fun, goofy retro teen action adventure movie,” he continued. “They fired me, and five or so writers later, it appears they made ‘Chronicle.’”

Similarities to “Chronicle” aside, the team of multi-colored Power Rangers consists mostly of relative newcomers: singer Becky G as Yellow Ranger Trini, Ludi Lin as Black Ranger Zack, Dacre Montgomery as Red Ranger Jason, Naomi Scott as Pink Ranger Kimberly and R.J. Cyler as Blue Ranger Billy.

Bill Hader was also recently cast as robot Alpha-5 opposite Bryan Cranston‘s Zordon. Elizabeth Banks will play villain Rita Repulsa.

Fans of the original series will remember that the Rangers start off as a normal group of teens from the town of Angel Grove before being recruited into an interstellar war that has been raging for years. With the help of their new powers, they must overcome their own issues to save the world from an evil interstellar witch and her henchmen.

Yeah, it appears they hired the writer of Chronicle and he wrote a Power Rangers movie, so they fired him and made Chronicle instead. https://t.co/F8lVEJqoU5