PragerU Mocked for Posting American Flag With 54 Stars

“I’m not sure I’d have the inclination to fly a flag with the wrong number of stars and the wrong number of stripes. But you do you,” one person tweets


PragerU quickly became the butt of the joke after posting to Twitter a graphic of the American flag with an incorrect number of stars and stripes. The mistake came as part of a tweet where the company — which notably creates content from a Conservative perspective — encouraged people to be proud of their relationship with the flag.

“You should NOT be ashamed to #FlyTheFlag #ProudAmerican” PragerU tweeted in celebration of the Fourth of July.

But, looking closely at the flag posted, there are 54 stars instead of 50. It’s possible that the additional white stripes at the top and bottom of the flag were meant solely as a border for the graphic, but it certainly ended up looking like this flag was honoring 15 original colonies, instead of the correct 13.

Naturally, people called out the mistake immediately.

So, what — or rather, who — are those four extra stars for? Many joked that this was actually PragerU’s subtle case for giving statehood to Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico.

“Pleasantly surprised to see PragerU advocating for not only DC and Puerto Rico statehood, but also adding Guam and the Virgin Islands into the mix,” Justin Baragona tweeted.

Following the mockery online, PragerU did not address the mistake (and as of this writing, had not taken down the incorrect graphic) but did post a few more tweets in support of the flag.

You can check out more digs at the company’s counting and design skills below.


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