‘Predator: Dark Ages’ Imagines the Alien Hunter Wreaking Havoc in the Middle Ages (Video)

Fan-made short film shows the Knights Templar facing off against the same creature Arnold Schwarzenegger did in “Predator”

The alien warriors in the “Predator” franchise have faced off against commandos, a Los Angeles cop and even other aliens, but now audiences can watch one hunt down the Knights Templar in the Middle Ages.

“Predators: Dark Ages” is an impressive fan-made short film that was crowdfunded on Kickstarter. U.K. filmmaker James Bushe wrote and directed the 27-minute production, which was shot by cinematographer Simon Rowling.

Set during the Crusades, the short follows knights whose faith and fighting skills are put to the test when they encounter the extraterrestrial creature Arnold Schwarzenegger bested in 1987.

“This is an independent, non-profit, artistic expression created purely as a fan film, for fans, by fans,” the filmmakers wrote in a disclaimer for the short that has been viewed on YouTube more than 276,000 times so far. “It is in no way connected to, or endorsed by 20th Century Fox, nor is it intended to undermine or compete with any existing or forthcoming material.”

In terms of more authorized “Predator” projects, “Iron Man 3” director Shane Black is preparing to reboot the franchise that last saw the light of day when director Nimród Antal’s “Predators” hit theaters in 2010. The R-rated sci-fi feature starring Adrien Brody and Laurence Fishburne raked in $127.2 million worldwide on a $40 million budget.

Watch the video.