‘The Predator’: Most of Third Act Was Rewritten, Says Keegan-Michael Key

Reshoots wrapped last week

Predator reboot

Keegan-Michael Key says reshoots on Shane Black’s “The Predator” reboot changed most of the movie’s third act.

“We just finished [reshoots] last week, and just about three-quarters of the third act was rewritten,” Key told CinemaBlend. “And Shane Black is… he’s just a consummate professional, and a consummate writer. He’s a wordsmith! It was a really, really exhilarating experience, and I think that he’s still one of our most vibrant writers of cinema.”

Key, Olivia Munn, Sterling K. Brown, Yvonne Strahovski and Boyd Holbrook star in the remake. Holbrook stars in the film as an ex-Marine who discovers the existence of the titular alien species and is forced to lead the fight against them. Jacob Tremblay (“Room”) plays the marine’s son, an autistic boy who is bullied in school but becomes vital to his father’s mission as his ability to quickly learn languages proves to be a valuable tool.

“The Predator” will be the first installment in the “Predator” series since 2007’s “Alien vs. Predator: Requiem.” Black co-wrote the screenplay with Fred Dekker (“Monster Squad”).

The original “Predator” movie came out in 1987 and famously starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as the leader of an elite special forces team on a mission to rescue hostages from guerrilla territory in Central America — before being hunted down an advance alien life form.

“The Predator” will hit theaters on Sept. 14.