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President Obama: ‘Michelle Will Never Run for Office’

Michelle 2020? Not gonna happen, outgoing president says

If you’re thinking maybe Michelle Obama will sweep Donald Trump from office in 2020, becoming the first woman president in the process, President Obama has a reality check.

“Michelle will never run for office,” he told Rolling Stone in a just-published interview that took place the day after Trump was elected president. “She is as talented a person as I know. You can see the incredible resonance she has with the American people. But I joke that she’s too sensible to want to be in politics.”

Yes, Michelle Obama has the best Vegas odds of unseating Trump of any Democratic candidate. And yes, she earned raves for her speech at the Democratic National Convention speech, where she vowed, “When they go low, we go high.”

It doesn’t matter, says President Obama, who hands Trump the keys to the White House in January. He told Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner what advice he planned to give Trump when they met — which they did two days after the election and the day after the interview.

“Well, I’ll have a chance to talk to him tomorrow, and I think the main thing that I will say to him is, number one, however you campaigned, once you’re in this office, you are part of a legacy dating back to those first Revolutionaries,” Obama said. “And this amazing experiment in democracy has to be tended. So aside from any particular issue, the president needs to recognize that this is not about you.”

You can read the full interview here.