‘Pretty Little Liars’: Aria Stands Up to Wedding Threat in Sneak Peek (Exclusive Video)

A.D. is not about to let Ezria enjoy the happiest day of their lives

Aria (Lucy Hale) has more to worry about than just perfecting her fancy footwork in next week’s “Pretty Little Liars,” as seen in an exclusive sneak peek.

The scene from the upcoming episode shows Aria and her fiancé, Ezra (Ian Harding), finishing a dance lesson in preparation for their nuptials. But Aria is clearly distracted and can’t even muster up any fake laughter in response to her beau’s lame joke about ferrets.

“Look, we’re going to be fine,” Ezra eventually assures her. “Nothing is going to ruin our perfect day — I promise.”

However, his message might prove hollow, as Aria then gets a threat from the nefarious A.D. that could ruin everything for Ezria.

During a video chat, A.D. holds up her file folder and menacingly tells Aria, “You still want this, don’t you?” Aria fires back, “Not if it means torturing my friends.”

But the villain is focused on getting Aria to hand something to one of her pals. “You’ll get [the file] — but first you need to deliver a gift to Spencer and her family,” A.D. says.

When Aria says Spencer has already endured enough, A.D. replies about the file’s contents, “Maybe the best man could use some of this in his toast.”

Check out the clip above.

“Pretty Little Liars” airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.