‘Pretty Little Liars’ Creator Talks Final Season Time Jump, Musical Number

TCA 2017: “These last 10 episodes are a real love letter to the fans,” I. Marlene King says

Pretty Little Liars

I. Marlene King teased the final 10 episodes of “Pretty Little Liars,” promising a few surprises for fans, at the Television Critics Association press tour on Tuesday.

According to King, the executive producer and creator of the series, Season 7 will be some of the most “dense” episodes of the show so far. In addition to wrapping up the story and solving any lingering mysteries, the final 10 episodes will also feature both a musical episode and yet another time jump.

“There will be a one-year time jump before it ends,” King promised, revealing few other plot details.

“We’ve said this is the most shocking, the most romantic, the most deadly season,” she said. “But I would add that these last 10 episodes are a real love letter to the fans.”

The final season, which is being branded by the network as #PLLEndGame, will be most rewarding for fans who have been following the show closely for years, King said.

“We almost need graphs and grids to understand what’s going on,” said series star Lucy Hale. “But that’s what I love about our fans, they don’t just watch here and there.”

Season 7 will also introduce a new mysterious villain for the show, which executive producer Joseph Dougherty promises will only heighten the drama fans have come to expect.

“They’re all going to be under a tremendous amount of pressure,” Dougherty said. “Every heavy and every incarnation [of “A”] has been about trying to break the friends about, but perhaps this time has been more dangerous than it’s ever been before.”

He added: “They’re the closest they’ve ever come to shattering.”