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‘Princess Bride’s’ Cary Elwes Talks Drinking ‘Airplane Fuel’ With Andre the Giant (Video)

”He thought it was very funny because I coughed and spat it up,“ actor tells TheWrap of his late co-star during new installment of ”Drinking With the Stars“

Cary Elwes, who famously played Wesley in “The Princess Bride,” verified the legendary drinking habits of his co-star Andre the Giant in a new interview with TheWrap.

“He used to drink a thing called The American,” Elwes told “Drinking with the Stars” host Stuart Brazell. “He would take a beer pitcher and the bartender would go behind the bar and literally take every bottle and pour it into a beer pitcher, and that’s what he drank.

“I tasted it once. I’ve never tasted airplane fuel but I imagine that’s the closest thing,” Elwes continued.

“[Andre] thought it was very funny because I coughed and spat it up.”

The story came up during a discussion of Elwes’ new book, “As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride.”

“It’s not just my memoir,” he said. “It’s from the whole cast and the filmmakers about the making of the film.”

Elwes currently stars in the Crackle series “The Art of More.”