Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Shonali Bose on ‘The Sky Is Pink’s’ Message to ‘Live Life to the Fullest’ (Exclusive Video)

Toronto 2019: Chopra Jonas stars in Bose’s film about a couple’s love story through the eyes of their terminally ill daughter

Everyone sees the world in different colors, and that’s exactly what Shonali Bose’s “The Sky Is Pink” wants to convey — that you shouldn’t let yourself be boxed in.

“The Sky Is Pink” chronicles the love story — a true story — of a couple over the span of 25 years through the eyes of their terminally ill daughter. Priyanka Chopra Jonas stars. In one scene, Aditi (Chopra) calls her four-year-old son, who tells her he got in trouble with his teacher for painting the sky pink. A lovely mother-son moment ensues where she tells him to see the world the way he wants to.

“You can’t live life according to other people — you have to live life to the fullest every moment and don’t be boxed in and let yourself be judged,” Bose told TheWrap’s Beatrice Verhoeven at the Toronto International Film Festival.

“… And don’t let other people dictate what your circumstance or your life should be, and that’s really the spirit of Aditi, the character I am playing and of Shonali as a director, and sort of me as well, I guess,” Chopra Jonas added. “The breaking of the mold, and it’s such a beautiful metaphor for ‘The Sky Is Pink.’ The sky can be whatever you want it to be.”

For Bose, the film mirrors her own personal life: “Having lost my child, I always look at the sky and I see him there. The sky has come to mean a lot more to me now… the sky is iridescent for me with his spirit, and because the film is about the loss of a child, I feel like that in that sense, the title worked.”

The film will be released worldwide on October 11.

Watch the video above.