PS2 Video Games ‘Bully,’ ‘Manhunt’ Get Surprise PlayStation 4 Release

These old Rockstar Games titles are revived in the new generation console

Last Updated: March 23, 2016 @ 7:36 AM

Today in stealth video game releases: Rockstar Games has brought its old PlayStation 2 video games “Bully” and “Manhunt” to the PlayStation 4, dropping them on the console’s PlayStation Store with no advance notice.

Both of the titles are available now in the European version of the digital storefront, while U.S. is only offering “Bully,” at the moment, for $14.99. Both “Bully” and “Manhunt” are available in the U.K. store for £11.99. UPDATE: “Manhunt” was added to the U.S. store later on Tuesday.

“Bully” functions as a stripped-down, PG-13 teen comedy version of Rockstar’s eternally popular “Grand Theft Auto” series. Set in a New England prep school, players have to go to class, deal with bullies, navigate the school’s many social cliques, and generally get into as much trouble as possible.

“Manhunt” is more notorious, as it’s considered one of the most violent games ever made and was banned in several countries. Players control a prison inmate forced to participate in a “Battle Royale”-style TV show run by a a villain voiced by Brian Cox. “Manhunt 2” upped the ante enough that it had to be heavily censored to be released on game consoles — though an uncensored version can be purchased for PC.

The PS4 versions of the games are enhanced in a few ways: they now display in 108op, though their graphics have not been otherwise upgrades, and PlayStation 4 social features such as remote play via the PlayStation Vita, as well as the ability to take screenshots, record video and broadcast gameplay can be used.