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‘Puppies vs Gravity’ Is Cutest Thing You’ll See Today (Exclusive Video)

TCA 2017: Adorable-ness is part of Nat Geo’s third “BarkFest”

It’s been a long week, so here are puppies falling down.

Because we have our priorities perfectly in order, TheWrap has your exclusive first-look at Nat Geo Wild’s “Puppies vs. The World.” This specific clip is titled “Puppies vs. Gravity,” and the content makes good on its premise. Watch the video above and try not to get lipstick all over your computer monitor.

The irresistible programming is part of Nat Geo Wild’s third annual “BarkFest,” which premieres Friday, April 14.

Here’s Nat Geo Wild’s adorable “Puppies vs. The World” description:
For puppies, it’s a brand-new world out there, full of obstacles, setbacks and amazing new experiences. We challenge puppies to do the simplest tasks like drink water, climb stairs and escape the clutches of a toddler, and the outcome is uproarious misadventure. Along the way, we include quick and fascinating facts about puppy development and peek in on The Puppy House, which is just what is sounds like: a house full of puppies!

And here’s a ridiculous quote from a highly successful business executive:
“I double dog dare you not to turn to mush watching ‘Puppies vs. The World,'” said Geoff Daniels, executive vice president and general manager, Nat Geo Wild. ‘BarkFest’ is always the highlight of our year because it’s such a fun and inspiring celebration of man’s best friend. Sometimes it’s adorable, sometimes a tearjerker, always warm and fuzzy. I paw-mise.”