Queen Blasts ‘Unauthorized’ Use of ‘We Are the Champions’ at GOP Convention

British super group scolds Republican gathering for playing their 1977 classic-rock anthem

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The Republican National Convention appears to have hit a sour note with Queen.

The classic-rock group has taken the GOP gathering to task for using its iconic tune “We Are the Champions” at the convention Monday night.

“An unauthorized use at the Republican Convention against our wishes,” the group stated via Facebook on Tuesday.

The song was played as GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump walked out on stage to great fanfare at the convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

This isn’t the first time that the group — or at least a member of the group — has complained about Trump-related usage of the 1977 classic-rock staple.

In June, Queen guitarist Brian May asserted that the group never gave permission to Trump to use the tune, and said he was “taking advice on what steps we can take” to prevent it from happening again.

“I’ve had an avalanche of complaints — some of which you can see in our ‘LETTERS’ page — about Donald Trump using our We Are The Champions track as his ‘theme’ song on USA TV,” May wrote on his website. “This is not an official Queen statement, but I can confirm that permission to use the track was neither sought nor given. We are taking advice on what steps we can take to ensure this use does not continue.”

Nor is Queen the first musical act to complain about Trump using its music. Artists such as the Rolling Stones, Steven Tyler and Adele have moaned that the GOP candidate has used their music without permission.