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Quentin Tarantino Looked Up to Harvey Weinstein as a Father Figure, Says Amber Tamblyn

Actress says ”Pulp Fiction“ director had ”larger psychological reckoning“ with disgraced movie mogul

When Quentin Tarantino shared his statement on Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse, the director noted a long dinner with #MeToo activist and close friend Amber Tamblyn. Now, Tamblyn, in a new interview with Vulture,  has shared the details of that dinner, in which she said she convinced Tarantino to admit what he knew about the producer’s history of harassment.

“Don’t not do this because of your ego,” Tamblyn said she told Tarantino. “If you care enough, not only about your legacy, but about the women that he harmed directly that you love, do it for them. Do it for me. If you care about me, do it for me.”

Tamblyn also said that the director’s relationship with the disgraced producer ran beyond filmmaking.

“Quentin has a very — I won’t go into it because it’s his personal life — unhealthy past relationship with his own father,” Tamblyn said. “And so Harvey filled in a lot of those areas for him. So this, for him, was a larger psychological reckoning than just the guy who financed his movies. And he had to own that.”

A week later, The New York Times published an interview with Tarantino where he admitted he “knew enough to do more than [he] did” about Weinstein’s abuse accusations. Tamblyn said that during the dinner, he acknowledged that he specifically knew about Weinstein’s abuse towards actresses Mira Sorvino and Uma Thurman.

On Monday, Weinstein was arraigned for three sexual offense charges in New York, adding to the three previous charges he was originally served with in May. Weinstein has pled not guilty to all charges and denies all wrongdoing.

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