Quentin Tarantino Plans to Make ‘Hateful Eight’ Into a Play

“I’ve thought it out completely. I’m just waiting for this season to be over so I can write it,” director tells TheWrap

Quentin Tarantino hateful eight
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While “Hateful Eight” is still cutting a bloody swath through the box office world, Quentin Tarantino is preparing to take his new spaghetti Western to the stage.

The Oscar winner told TheWrap’s editor in chief Sharon Waxman after the Golden Globes ceremony in Los Angeles on Sunday that he is beginning preparations to adapt the film to the stage.

“I’ve thought it out completely. I’m just waiting for this [awards] season to be over so I can write it,” Tarantino said. “I gotta put myself there and write it for this.” The filmmaker also said that he would direct the stage version as well.

Tarantino went on to reveal that Harvey Weinstein originally tried to convince him to produce his script as a play, but he was adamant about making it as a film.

“Harvey actually — he tried to talk me into doing it as a play first,” Tarantino explained. “He said, ‘Let’s just say this out loud before we commit to doing the movie.’ And I was like, ‘Look, I could. But I like the mystery aspect and the mystery aspect will really only work in the movie. And I have the 70mm and I have the snow. So let me do that.’”

An early version of the  script for “Hateful Eight” infamously leaked online, which led Tarantino to consider abandoning the project altogether. He reconsidered, however, after a live reading of the script received an overwhelmingly positive response from fans.

While Tarantino made his name in Hollywood for cult films such as “Reservoir Dogs” and “Pulp Fiction,” he is no stranger to the stage, making his Broadway debut in a revival of “Wait Until Dark” in 1998 opposite Marisa Tomei and Stephen Lang.

Showtime 411 had previously spoken to Tarantino about making “Hateful Eight” into a play.