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Quentin Tarantino Sues Alan Ball Over Blood-Curdling … Birds

The Oscar winners are neighbors, and Tarantino says Ball’s exotic birds scream for hours on end

It’s OK to slice off a character’s ear, and hilarious to spray a room full of bad guys with bullets.

But as far as Quentin Tarantino is concerned, Macaws and parrots are over the line.

Tarantino, the director and Oscar-winning writer known for “Pulp Fiction,” “True Romance,” “Reservoir Dogs,” and others, is suing his neighbor Alan Ball – the Oscar-winning screenwriter of “American Beauty” and creator of "True Blood"  – over “blood-curdling screams” coming from Ball’s house.

It’s not Ball screaming. It’s his birds.

In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Tarantino complains about “obnoxious pterodactyl-like screams” from Ball’s “exotic bird menagerie.”

Read the full filing here.

The shrieks, Tarantino’s lawyer, Marty Singer, wrote, “have seriously disrupted (Tarantino's) ability to work as a writer.”

Singer wrote that Ball and his partner “know that their birds issue blood-curdling, pre-historic sounding screams,” and thus “do not maintain the Macaws in their residence, but place them in the outdoor aviary. Though one might assume that, as a fellow writer, Mr. Ball would understand and respect a writer’s need for peace and quiet while he is working, that assumption would be wrong.”

According to the lawsuit, Tarantino “began hearing ear-splitting shrieks and screams” beginning in late 2009.

“By February 2010, the noise from the exotic birds became unbearable,” the lawsuit says.

“Defendants stated that they would be building a soundproofed outdoor aviary for the birds in order to try to reduce the noise.”

Now Tarantino wants a judge to order Ball to shut the birds up.

And if Tarantino is looking for a remake, we suggest – you guessed it – “The Birds.”

Pamela Chelin contributed to this article.

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