Quixote Studios Boycott Ends as Labor Agreement Is Reached

Teamsters Local 399 will represent Quixote drivers and dispatchers, while warehouse workers will hold a secret ballot election to determine if they wish to be represented by Local 399 as well

Quixote Studios LLC
Quixote Studios LLC

Quixote Studios LLC and Teamsters Local 399 have come to an agreement, ending a boycott of Quixote by the teamsters. The Burbank-based branch of the Intl. Brotherhood of Teamsters announced the boycott Aug. 9 with plans to begin picketing on Aug. 22.

“Both sides were determined to reach an accord without further delay in order to send a message to studios, production companies and advertisers that it’s business as usual for production in Los Angeles and throughout California,” Quixote said in a statement.

Quixote describes itself as “Hollywood’s premier provider of boutique film/photo studios, production vehicles and trailers, and grip and lighting equipment.”

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The agreement will see Local 399 represent Quixote drivers and dispatchers. Additionally, there will be a secret ballot election soon to allow warehouse workers to decide if they would also like to be represented by Local 399 as a collective bargaining unit.

“Unfortunately, it is the workers in our industry that have been caught in the middle of all this,” Quixote said in a statement. “The leadership of both Quixote and Local 399 took this to heart and displayed remarkable restraint and a willingness to compromise for the greater good of all stakeholders.”

“This has been a major distraction for our industry.  It is now time to focus on the passage of AB 1839 and get back to work,” said Mikel Elliott,  Quixote CEO. Both sides expressed a desire to keep production in California rolling and work together to help pass California Assembly Bill 1839.

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California Assembly Bill 1839, the Expanded Film and Television Job Creation Act, is a new piece of legislation seeking more generous film tax credits in an attempt to keep more film and television productions in the state.