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Rachel Bloom Shares the ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Scene She’s Most Proud Of (Video)

”It was as grounded and real and heartbreaking as we wanted,“ series star and co-creator tells TheWrap

The CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” ventured into even deeper emotional territory for its second season than it did in the first, testing the limits of some relationships and ending others entirely. One of the show’s most tragic moments came when the tension between Rebecca and Paula finally boiled over, erupting in a huge, heartbreaking fight.

It’s that scene that co-creator and star Rachel Bloom chose as the moment from “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” Season 2 she’s most proud of.

“The show is a musical, it can go into sketch-y, zany territory, but when we want it to be dramatic, it needs to be dramatic,” Bloom said in an interview with TheWrap. “It was as grounded and real and heartbreaking as we wanted, so I’m really proud of that scene.”

Bloom also sung the praises of her co-star Donna Lynne Champlin, singling her out as the one actor on the show who most deserves to be recognized for her performance as the overbearing best friend.

“If we’re looking at who deserves [an Emmy,] who’s done some of the best work that’s ever been done on television,” Bloom said. “Donna Lynne Champlin, hands down.”

Season 2 wrapped with a huge cliffhanger, with Rebecca abandoned on her wedding day, vowing revenge on the once-love of her life, Josh Chan. But whether or not she makes good on that promise remains to be seen, Bloom said. “We know my character. We’ve been with her for two seasons. So let’s see how well that works.”

“We’ve always had an idea for what each season is going to be. Going into the season is going to be a different aspect for the character,” Bloom said. “That’s a different mode than she’s ever been in, so that very naturally gives me a lot of new stuff to play.”

The CW announced in January that it was renewing “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” for a third season

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