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Bill Maher Wants Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal to Go on Date Both Wearing #TheDress (Video)

”Real Time“ host also mocks Donald Trump, Spike TV and PC Police with ”New Rules“

Bill Maher pretty much covered it all with Friday’s “New Rules,” managing to mock former NAACP chapter boss Rachel Dolezal, Donald Trump, Spike TV and the P.C. Police all in one segment.

“As soon as she’s feeling up to it, Rachel Dolezal must go on a date with Caitlyn Jenner,” Maher insisted midway through his popular segment, “and they both must wear this dress,” referring to #TheDress that broke the Internet a few months back.

“Do you see a black woman in a gold and white dress? Or do you see a white man in a black and blue dress? It’s the perfect modern mind-bender,” he said.

Maher then ripped rival Donald Trump, suggesting that the on-again politician‘s biological parents are likely orangutans.

Finally, it was time for another round of “Explaining Jokes to Idiots,” with Maher trashing Spike for censoring a Clint Eastwood joke during its “Guys Choice Awards.”

“Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson isn’t the first athlete to have gone into acting,” Eastwood said. “There’s also Jim Brown, and Caitlyn somebody.”

“Is Caitlyn the new C-word? We can’t even say it as a joke? And this was on a male network that thinks of itself as macho,” Maher responded. “You know guys, just because you have balls, doesn’t mean you have balls.”

“That joke was not an insult,” the comic said. “Not in any way was it a remark that demeans Caitlyn’s journey, or would make her Adam’s Apple grown back.”

Maher then launched into Jerry Seinfeld‘s recently publicized reasons for not playing colleges, sentiments echoed by Chris Rock and even Larry the Cable Guy.

“You know, when Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry the Cable Guy say you have a stick up your ass, you don’t have to wait for the X-Rays to come back,” Maher stated. “That’s right: A black, a jew and a redneck walk onto a college campus, and they all can’t wait to leave.”

Watch the first video above, and the conclusion below: