Maddow Says People Shouldn’t Expect Protests for Trump Surrender in Georgia: ‘We Expect Terrorism’ (Video)

“Or at least terroristic threats,” the MSNBC host says

Donald Trump is expected to surrender himself at the Fulton County jail in Georgia on Thursday, but Rachel Maddow doesn’t expect to see protests over it. According to the MSNBC host, the more likely result is actual terrorism, or at least threats of it.

During her show on Monday night, Maddow noted that despite the four-time indicted former president previously calling for his supporters to protest on his behalf, very few people actually showed up on the streets. And admittedly, that’s “good news for our democracy,” Maddow argued.

“The bad news is that, instead, we’re getting something else,” she said. “Not mass violence again, like we saw on January 6, not even mass protest. But instead, what we are getting is individual acts of violence and threats of violence by radicalized people and groups that support him.”

Maddow then ran down a laundry list of those acts and threats, made all over the country, going as far back as last year. She called out incidents in Ohio, Utah, Massachusetts, Texas and Nevada, all of which were apparently directly inspired by support for Trump, and/or the lies he’s told following the 2020 election.

The host then noted that online message boards in Georgia have been doxxing and subsequently threatening grand jurors in the state who handed down Trump’s fourth indictment.

She added that law enforcement in the area is planning for a complete lockdown of the streets around the Fulton County Jail for Thursday, but speculated that it really wouldn’t be necessary.

“Honestly, at this point, do we really expect big street protests on behalf of Trump? I think we don’t,” Maddow said. “I think we don’t expect that. I think that dog has not barked. We don’t expect big street protests on his behalf. We expect terrorism. Or at least terroristic threats, like the ones that have been breaking out all over the country now like heat rash.”

Watch Maddow’s full comments in the video above.