Rachelle Lefevre on ‘Reclaim’ Shoot With ‘Shirtless’ Ryan Phillippe, ‘Creepy’ John Cusack: It Was Super Intense (Video)

The “Under the Dome” star shares behind the scenes details of her new Lionsgate thriller in new episode of TheWrap’s “Drinking With the Stars”

Rachelle Lefevre accredits the lived-in, realistic feel of her new thriller “Reclaim” to the short but intense 23-day Puerto Rico shoot.

“It was an amazing process because everyone was really focused,” Lefevre told TheWrap. “Super intense, long hours, sleep is for cowards… It was that kind of shoot.”

The stunning actress sat down for a fun and far-ranging interview with TheWrap’s executive Joseph Kapsch in a new episode of “Drinking With the Stars” at Sofitel Hotel’s Riveria 31, where she discussed the Lionsgate release, the upcoming season finale of her CBS series’ “Under the Dome” as well as NFL’s domestic abuse controversy.

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In “Reclaim,” Lefevre and co-star Ryan Phillippe play a married couple who discover the adoption process for their new daughter was actually a scam of the worst kind. Their daughter disappears and they realize they — and their wallets — have been taken for a ride, and John Cusack and Jackie Weaver appear to be behind it all. The couple’s troubles don’t end there and they soon find their own lives in danger during a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

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Of working on the film, Lefevre said she developed a real kinship with her co-stars and director Alan White.

“One of the amazing things is that we discovered we all work in a really similar way, which is as organic as possible,” she said. “And if improv came, just to follow each other wherever it went.”

Lefevre cites a particularly haunting scene in the movie featuring Phillippe and Cusack, where they improved several lines about a tattoo she has in real life.

“It created this great moment because Ryan [Phillippe] was supposed to look over and be uncomfortable so it created this moment with me being uncomfortable but having to play it off. Ryan misreading the moment, John getting to hold me in a really creepy way,” she said. “All that came about with us just observing each other and chatting about it.”

Lefevre said the movie was not only a great script and well-directed project, but a must-see for Cusack’s “creepy amazing” performance and Phillippe’s “shirtless” scenes.

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“Reclaim” is a day-and-date release available Friday, Sept. 19 on both VOD and in limited theaters.

Stay tuned for Part II of Lefevre’s Drinking With the Stars interview where she teases “Under the Dome’s” Monday finale, reveals her dream superhero role and discusses the present scandal facing NFL.

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