‘Under the Dome’ Star Rachelle Lefevre Addresses Burning, Pervy Show Questions on ‘Letterman’ (Video)

Fans of the CBS drama are apparently a freaky bunch

Life ain’t easy for an actress on a hit show that’s shrouded in mystery. People have questions. Difficult questions. Perplexing questions. And sometimes dirty questions.

Rachelle Lefevre, star of the CBS drama “Under the Dome” (which returns for its second season on June 30), drops in on “Late Show With David Letterman” Tuesday to deliver a Top 10 list of questions that people ask her about the titular dome.

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An example, “Can I rent the dome for a party?”

And the considerably less wholesome, “Any upcoming love scenes with the dome?”

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Yikes; what is wrong with you people?

Watch a preview below of Lefevre addressing burning questions from a bunch of domies.