Randy Rainbow Torches ‘MAGA-Spawn’ Marjorie Taylor Greene in New ‘Grease’-Inspired Parody | Video

She’s not Sandra Dee, she’s MTG

After going eight months between parody songs, Randy Rainbow is back just 10 days after his last one with a new tune, this time targeting Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Instead of starting his video as an anchor for “Fake News Channel,” Rainbow instead appears as an anchor for “60 MAGATS,” joking that Greene was told he’s actually Leslie Stahl in order to get the “interview.”

“It’s rare for a member of the House of Representatives to become nationally well-known,” he says seriously. “Unless, of course, that member is a f—ing lunatic like my next guest, Marjorie Taylor Greene. Or MTG, as she more commonly refers to herself when she can’t remember her full name.”

As the “interview” gets underway, Greene complains about all the names she’s been called — with Rainbow eagerly reminding her of several — before bragging that she doesn’t let them bother her.

“I don’t believe anyone deserves to be mocked or insulted, no matter how bigoted or reprehensible they themselves might be,” Rainbow praises, as the music kicks in for his song to mock MTG.

This time, that music comes from the song “Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee,” from the musical “Grease.” Donning a blonde wig and a pink Trump hat, Rainbow launches into the lyrics.

“Look at me, I’m MTG. Lousy with stupidity,” he sings. “Trashy as hell, I can’t math, read or spell, oh well! I’m MTG!”

As the music continues, a clip of Rep. Lauren Boebert even pops in, before Rainbow-MTG swats her away.

“No, no, no, no, Miss Lauren Bo’, you won’t out-Fox News me ho!” he sings. “Brains ain’t my curse, I’m like Trump with a purse, but worse! I’m MTG.”

You can watch Randy Rainbow’s full parody of Marjorie Taylor Greene in the video above.


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