Randy Rainbow Returns to Skewer ‘Slimy Little Cretin’ Trump in New Dolly Parton Parody | Video

“He just spends his life just a-lyin’ and a-cheatin’,” the YouTuber sings to the tune of “9 to 5”

It’s been about eight months since Randy Rainbow released a parody song scorching Donald Trump and/or his allies, but worry not — the Rainbow has returned. And, in his latest song, he’s torching “slimy little cretin” Trump’s campaign to the tune of Dolly Parton.

As always, Rainbow begins his video with an interview portion, using very real past clips of Trump to answer his questions. Poking fun at the former president’s gag order, Rainbow promises not to ask about the trial, but does ask about Trump’s VP shortlist, as many have been lately.

“They come from prisons, many of them,” Trump answers. “They come from mental institutions and insane asylums, like ‘Silence of the Lambs.’ Hannibal Lecter, I wonder if he’s one of them.”

At that, Rainbow looks visibly concerned as he radios for a medic while Trump continues babbling about how “the world is exploding” because he’s not president, as the music kicks in.

“Slurrin’ all his words while he’s sweatin’ and a-twitchin,’ fartin’, burpin’, kvetchin’ and b—-in’ and tryna get his charges all dismissed,” Rainbow sings to the tune of “9 to 5.” “I don’t mean to vent on your every violation, lots of presidents have screwed up the nation, but guess who’s first on the Worst of All Time list!”

From there, Rainbow scorches Trump’s record, singing that he’ll “never get to heaven,” so he definitely shouldn’t be made president No. 47.

“Number 45, what a slimy little cretin. He just spends his life just a-lyin’ and a-cheatin’,” goes the chorus. “He’s a one-term bum but he’s still out here campaignin’, and he’s bloated from all the bulls–t he’s retainin’!”

You can watch Randy Rainbow’s latest parody in the video above.


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