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Randy Rainbow: Melania Trump’s Initials ‘Describe Her Body and Soul’ (Video)

Say it out loud with us: ”M.T.“

There was no way Randy Rainbow was going to let this one slide.

Rainbow, whose become an internet sensation in recent months thanks to his spit-out-your-coffee takes on some of 2016’s most talked about moments, just published his latest creation — a takedown of Melania Trump’s interview with CNN‘s Anderson Cooper.

And in typical Rainbow fashion, he goes right for the jugular.

“It is an honor to be sitting here with a truly remarkable woman,” Rainbow says as he introduces Melania. “A woman whose initials, when spoken aloud, describe not only her mind but also her body and soul.”

OK, for anyone who didn’t get that … say “M.T.” out loud a couple of times, and it will sink in.

Be sure to pay attention to the so-called “Lower Thirds” (TV speak for those banners at the bottom of the screen). They’re hysterical.

And of course, there’s some talk about grabbing … well, you know.

Watch the original Anderson Cooper interview below and the Rainbow spoof above.