RapGenius To Meet Songwriters Over Theft Claims

Songwriters say lyrics sites rip off their work

Last Updated: July 10, 2014 @ 8:09 PM

RapGenius.com and a songwriters’ group will meet to address claims that the lyrics site is stealing the writers’ work.

The National Music Publishers Association said last week that 50 lyrics-posting sites, including RapGenius, are violating writers’ copyrights by posting their work. It said it would sue if they didn’t take action.

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RapGenius founder Ilan Zechory has defended the site, telling TheWrap it uses lyrics as a jumping-off to an “interactive, vibrant art experience.”

In a joint statement on Monday, both sides said they have agreed to meet “in an effort to find an acceptable solution for both songwriters and the website.”

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“The parties are hopeful that these talks will be productive and will lead to a resolution that will benefit everyone,” said the statement.

NMPA also said it has temporarily put on hold its request that RapGenius take down the lyrics.

NMPA’s ultimate aim is to get the lyrics sites to pay composers for the use of their lyrics.