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Check out the Virtual Strip Club 2 Chainz Created to Promote His New Album (Video)

The Rapper’s ”Trap House“ virtual reality experience recreates his pre-fame past

To appease fans while they await the release of his new album, Atlanta-based rapper 2 Chainz, has cooked up a special VR experience for them to enjoy. It’s called “Trap House” — as in a headquarters used by drug dealers to run their business — and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Taking users through 2 Chainz’s personal history, “Trap House” offers a VR version of the Trap House he ran in Atlanta before his rap career took off. Watch a teaser for the experience above.

The experience begins in a living room where users can listen to tracks from 2 Chainz’ new album or fix themselves a virtual drink. If they like, users can then visit the “Jiggly Room,” a VR strip club with women, $100 bills scattered on the floor, and neon signs with messages like “LIVE NUDES” and “GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS.”

And in the event one of your rivals decides to attack the spot? There’s a purple Thompson submachine gun with a 50-round drum magazine in the corner. No word if Chainz had a Tommy gun with a flamboyant paint job in real life, but it’s a nice touch for a virtual life of crime.

2 Chainz’s album “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music” is due June 16. Check out “Trap House” for yourself here.