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Ray Romano Thinks a Gynecologist Can Offer Him Medical Advice (Video)

”After the first few inches, it’s all the same in there,“ he tells Craig Ferguson on CBS’s ”The Late Late Show.“ ”So he knows stuff“

Ray Romano is going golfing with his wife’s gynecologist, but he’s doing it for a strategic reason. As he explained it on CBS’s “The Late Late Show,” it’s always worth the time to make friends with doctors once you’re in your 50s or beyond.

But Craig Ferguson wasn’t so sure about the value in Romano befriending a gynecologist, and he was’t alone. When she heard about his scheme, Romano’s wife told him, “He can’t help you.”

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But Romano wasn’t buying it. “After the first few inches, it’s all the same in there,” he told Ferguson. “So he knows stuff.”

Ferguson went and grabbed a book on the set about the female anatomy, handing it to the “Everybody Loves Raymond” star.

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Romano tried to stick to his guns, but then decided he wasn’t so sure that we’re all the same after all, rapidly flipping through the book.

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