‘RBG’ Filmmakers Give Update on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Health After Emmys Win

“RBG” documentarians did planks onstage to honor Ginsburg at the Creative Arts Emmys

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“RBG” filmmakers Betsy West and Julie Cohen did planks onstage at the Creative Arts Emmys Saturday night to honor the fitness routine of Ruth Bader Ginsburg — and said the 86-year-old Supreme Court justice is still going strong.

“Her level of determination and stamina is like nothing we’ve ever seen from anyone we’ve ever met,” Cohen told TheWrap backstage.

The “RBG” filmmakers shared the Emmy for Exceptional Merit in Documentary Filmmaking with HBO’s “The Sentence” in a rare Emmy tie.

The filmmakers said Ginsburg, with whom they have kept in close touch since the documentary, is still going strong even after health scares this year, which included radiation treatment for pancreatic cancer last month.

“We saw Justice Ginsburg this summer and she looked fantastic, she looked really good,” West said. “She has… had some radiation recently but she seems to be tolerating that very well, and she’s been out and about and, in fact, she was in New York and going to the theater at night when she was having her radiation. And she’s been traveling and speaking and getting ready for the new court season. All indications are that she’s in good shape.”

The film with which “RBG” tied also involved the court system.

“The Sentence” director Rudy Valdez made his film after his sister, Cindy Shank, received a 15-year sentence for conspiracy charges related to the crimes of a deceased ex-boyfriend. She joined him onstage Saturday.

“Spoiler alert,” he said joyfully. “She’s out! She’s out, she’s out, she’s out!”