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‘Real Murders of Orange County’ Season 2 Trailer Features ‘So Much Blood, So Much Stabbing’ (Exclusive Video)

Oxygen series returns Dec. 5

Rich people are going to die on the second season of Oxygen’s “Real Murders of Orange County.” And rich people are going to do the killing.

Season 2 features “more shocking tales of homicide cases that involve famed musicians, billionaire moguls, and entitled narcissists who wanted more than their fair share…or were victims of others who did,” the logline reads.

In the trailer, which TheWrap exclusively debuts, one man with a net worth of more than $200 million is wanted for murder. He may or may not have been the “special kind of monster” referenced in the sneak peek.

Yes, there are a whole lot of money quotes in the trailer, like: “The barbarity, the anger, the cruelty,” as one woman says.

And: “There was so much blood, so much stabbing,” a man says. “It was overkill.”

Plus, this one: “The affluence does not stop the crime,” a second woman says. “The crime continues.”

Watch the trailer via the video above, and then lock your doors. Yes, even if you live in a gated community — even in Orange County, California.

“Real Murders of Orange County” Season 2 is produced by 44 Blue. Stephanie Noonan Drachkovitch, David Hale and John Henshaw serve as executive producers.

Season 2 of “Real Murders of Orange County” premieres on Oxygen on Sunday, Dec. 5 at 7 p.m. ET/PT. 

Below are episodic loglines, each in Oxygen’s own words.

Episode 201 – “If I Can’t Have You…”
The brutal double-murder of two beloved pianists rocks a tranquil Irvine neighborhood. After weeks of twists and turns, the hunt for the killer leads detectives to the strangest of suspects.

202 – “A Slow Death”
After battling a mysterious illness for years, a popular school board official collapses in her Dana Point driveway. But when the coroner reclassifies her death as a homicide, investigators must unravel the cause behind her baffling demise.

203 – “American Nightmare”
A jet setting billionaire finds himself at the center of a murder investigation in Mission Viejo. But what detectives uncover shocks everyone – including the tycoon in the middle of it all.

204 – “Murders, Mobsters, and the Mustang”
When a wealthy Buena Park entrepreneur is violently executed and his girlfriend raped, investigators are faced with a mystery that spans decades. Detectives ultimately uncover a web of murder, mayhem, and mobsters.

205 – “Blood Money”
Three people are brutally gunned down in a gold coin shop in swanky Newport Beach. With little to go on, detectives slowly piece together a murder plot that didn’t exactly turn out as planned.