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Ryan Reynolds Brings ‘Red Notice’ Cleopatra Egg to ‘Antiques Roadshow’ (Video)

In the guise of an art thief, Reynolds finds out the ”historical“ item is worth $100 million

Oh, that Ryan Reynolds. What a scamp.

In a fun bit of marketing for the Netflix action-adventure “Red Notice,” Reynolds (and Netflix — and even PBS) posted a brief video on social media where he has one of the eggs from the film appraised by Lark Mason from “Antiques Roadshow.” Reynolds is in character as Nolan Booth (you can tell because he doesn’t tell Mason that he’s really Deadpool), and he goes back and forth with the appraiser about where the egg came from and how he came into possession of it. (Spoiler alert from the film: he’s a thief!)

It’s actually pretty funny and does a great job having fun with the character without totally divorcing itself from the reality of the movie (which also stars Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot).

What’s even better is that the official “Antiques Roadshow” Twitter account and co-host Nicholas D. Lowry got in on the action, re-tweeting the video and referencing a bit toward the end of the clip where Reynolds has Lowry appraise a half-eaten bagel. Again: pretty funny.

“Red Notice,” if you haven’t watched yet, is a globe-trotting caper that premiered this past weekend on Netflix. Johnson is an FBI agent on the hunt for an art thief (Reynolds), who is being foiled at every turn by yet another thief (Gadot). Together, they are all searching for Cleopatra’s three eggs, ancient artifacts largely thought lost to the sands of time.

According to Johnson’s social media, “Red Notice” had the “biggest opening day in Netflix film history” (not completely sure what that means, especially without any actual data, but it sounds great).

You can watch “Red Notice” on Netflix now and the Reynolds/”Antiques Roadshow” video at the top.