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Rebel Wilson Apologizes to Mo’Nique for Calling Herself the First Plus-Size Rom-Com Star

”I now realize what I said was not only wrong but also incredibly hurtful,“ the ”Isn’t It Romantic“ star says in a statement on Twitter

Actress Rebel Wilson has again apologized both for saying she was the first plus-sized actress to star in a romantic comedy and for dismissing the criticism of those who called her out on Twitter.

“With the help of some very compassionate and well-thought out responses from others on social media, I now realize what I said was not only wrong but also incredibly hurtful,” the “Isn’t It Romantic” star said in a statement on Twitter. “To be part of a problem I was hoping I was helping makes it that much more embarrassing and hard to acknowledge. I blocked people on Twitter because I was hurting from the criticism, but those are the people I actually need to hear from more, not less. Again, I am deeply sorry.”



On Halloween, Wilson dressed up like Wilson the volleyball on “Ellen” and said, “I’m proud to be the first-ever plus-sized girl to be the star of a romantic comedy.”

However, when critics pointed out that she was overlooking several other actresses, including Mo’Nique and Queen Latifah, several people tweeted screenshots of Wilson blocking them on Twitter, even using the hashtag “#RebelWilsonBlockedMe.”

Mo’Nique herself then jumped into the fray after Wilson doubled down on her statement.

“Let’s please not allow this business to erase our talent with giving grey areas and technicalities,” Mo’Nique said in a reply to Wilson on Saturday. “Take a moment and know the history. DON’T BE A PART OF ERASING IT. I wish you the best.”

Wilson then responded to Mo’Nique, saying, “It was never my intention to erase anyone else’s achievements.”

“I support all plus size ladies and everything we are doing together,” Wilson said. “I never want to disrespect anyone.”

“Isn’t It Romantic” is a parody of rom-coms in which Wilson, burned believing that Hollywood rom-coms are all phony, finds herself trapped in a PG-13 rom-com after bumping her head. The film hits theaters on Valentine’s Day 2019.