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‘Reboot’ Canceled at Hulu After 1 Season

Creator Steve Levitan is shopping the sitcom to other outlets

Hulu has opted not to renew the showbiz sitcom “Reboot” for a second season, the streamer said Monday.

A source close to the production told TheWrap that creator Steven Levitan, a multiple Emmy winner for ABC hit “Modern Family,” is trying to find a new home for the comedy.

The series starred Rachel Bloom as a TV executive who successfully pitches the revival of her favorite 20-year-old sitcom, “Step Right Up,” and the clashes that follow between the cast, crew and writers. It premiered on Sept. 20 to favorable reviews, with Rotten Tomatoes scoring it 88% from 40 critics entries, including from TheWrap’s Thelma Adams, who called it “hilarious” and “consistently laugh-out-loud funny.”

The ensemble included Judy Greer, Keegan-Michael Key, Johnny Knoxville and Calum Worthy as the original “Step Right Up” cast, Paul Reiser as the series’ creator, and Krista Marie Yu as Hulu’s VP of comedy who’s “new to humor.”

In September, Levitan told TheWrap that the show came out of the revelation he had during the pandemic that it might no longer be possible to create a show with as broad of an appeal as “Modern Family.”

“You have to change expectations now. That’s why I didn’t want to go chasing after something that felt like I was doing another version of [‘Modern Family’]. I wanted to stretch creatively,” he said.

“This was a chance for me to explore what I was doing during the day. And it didn’t start off that way. It just started out as an idea of a bunch of people coming back to a show and how interesting that is. It’s a little bit like going to a high school reunion or something where everybody left with all sorts of expectations and behaviors, and then you’re coming back years later and maybe things played out the way you expected. Maybe they didn’t,” he added.